Payment plans

RummyAffiliates won Best Affiliate Program for skill gaming from CAP Euro multiple years in a row! Join our trusty awarded program.

We calculate your revenues at the end of every month and you get paid the following month, by the 6th. No negative carry over—ever! The affiliate’s positive balance will carry over from month to month if s/he has not reached the minimum payout.

We offer several Payment plans:

Revenue Share
Hybrid deals
Sub affiliates – 4 tier plans

Revenue Share

Payments are calculated as a percentage of the monthly net rake generated by your players.

Revenue share is 20% to 50%, depending on amount of traffic. For more information, please contact us.

CPA (Cost Per Acquisition)

CPA is a one-time payment for each depositing player who meets the minimum threshold.* The minimum threshold varies depending on the CPA amount.

(*The threshold is calculated from the rake.)

CPL (Cost per Lead)

CPL is a one-time payment for each new fun player who has downloaded and registered at RummyRoyal.

Hybrid deal

You have the option to benefit from immediate cash and life time revenues. For a tailor made Hybrid deal, contact us.


Additional options:


RummyAffiliates offers top sub-affiliate commissions. Recruit more affiliates and get a percentage of their commission*.

1st Tier: 15% of all direct Sub-Affiliate commission.

2nd Tier: 3% of all Sub-Affiliate commission.

3rd Tier: 1% of all Sub-Affiliate commission.

4th Tier: 0.5% of all Sub-Affiliate commission.

*(revenue from sub-affiliation is paid in Revenue Share.)

Payment options:

Wire transfer